Showing UP

Posted June 20, 2007 by jenniferpowers
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I love this! I have recieved several responses from my last post about COMMUNICATION.
Thank you for your emails and comments sharing your thoughts on this topic.
Ironically, since that post, I too have had an experience which opened my eyes and reminded me that I am forever learning.

I regularly attend many networking events. One in particular, fell during a very busy week in which I (admittedly) had a lot on my mind.
Well, that morning it must have been apparent because one of my respected peers, Bob*, came up to me in the middle of the meeting and out of nowhere said, “Jennifer, you seem a bit low on energy today. You need to smile more. That is what we love to see from you.” And then he just walked away.
Hmmmmm. My first thought was to come back with some excuse to explain my less than smiley self. But I resisted and instead thought, ‘What a gift’.
In just a few seconds, and in less than 25 words, this guy reminded me of two very important things:
First, I need to walk my talk a bit more. (grin)
And second, my peers have come to expect a certain level of energy from me. It is this energy that helps me connect with them. I now realize, (with a little help from my friends) that I deserve to make a conscience effort to show up fully, regardless of the stresses or busy-ness of my day, and my peers and friends deserve it, too.
Live and learn.
So Bob*, wherever you are, thank you.

*This guy’s name is not Bob. I call everyone Bob.


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I recently made the acquaintance of a woman at a networking event that made me realize that success in business is not about what you know or who you know but HOW YOU COMMUNICATE. 

Shocking. Like you have never heard this one before, right? But I am still surprised when I come across people that just don’t get it. Long story short, here is an example of what will NOT make you successful in most business circles.

We’ll call her “Mary Jane”.

A mutual friend introduces us at a business event and Mary Jane seems less than enthused to be there.
Mary Jane not only looked uninterested but annoyed as she gave me a wimpy, moist handshake that felt like a six-year old trying to be polite.
I begin to make the initial small talk to find out more about her and her business (which are both losing points by the second) and she gives me polite answers with little or no follow-up. In other words, it was like a one-sided interview. I would ask a question, she would answer…then silence…until I asked another question.

In the first sixty seconds Mary Jane broke the three top rules of effective communication.

1-If you are not prepared to make a good impression don’t show up. At events like these it’s all about making positive connections with people you don’t know. If you are not willing or able to show up fully then don’t show up at all.

2-Dry off your hand and get a good grip. Don’t people know the power of a good. solid, dry handshake? Practice till you get it right. A handshake is worth a thousand words.

3-Balance the conversation. Talking with Mary Jane felt like I was playing tennis against a wall. Not a good feeling. It takes two to make a productive, positive conversation and good communicators know that it’s their job to give equal air time to their partner. It is never all about you.

Mary Jane, I hope you are listening.

Success tool!

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Check out this great magazine dedicated to helping you find success in life and business, Hmmm. It’s no wonder why I like it so much! You can subscribe to receive their 6 hard copies a year or just read some of their articles on line.

Cool stuff…here is the link!

Attitude of Gratitude

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Ok. So here’s the thing. It has come to my attention, through pure experience that I am much more successful when I am grateful. Yep! Good ‘ol thanks really gets my wheels turning. And what’s more, when I express that appreciation it doubles in effectiveness!
I do my best on most nights to list (either in my head or on paper) the things I am thankful for so that I end the day on a positive note. That’s good and all, right? But when I take it to the next level and actually tell the people who I appreciate that I APPRECIATE THEM, magic happens.
Last week I sent a very good friend of mine, Kelvin, a card to thank him for all his support in the community and in my business. He tirelessly supports me and my mission with no expectations, and my intention was to share with him how grateful I was to have him as a friend.

As a result, (in true Kelvin form) he wrote me back to make yet another generous offer of support! It occurred to me that this is a delicious cycle. He helps me, I thank him, he helps me more…and now I am looking for ways to help him! …Pretty cool, huh? So, Kelvin Dettwyler is not only an amazing person but a fabulous business person. He is an insurance agent at Salem Insurance Agency, Inc. You can call him for all of your insurance needs at 503-585-8001. Believe me, he will take VERY good care of you!

Cicero, an ancient Roman philosopher said it best…

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

Yep, it certainly is. So, who do you want to thank today? Whoever you grateful for, go tell’em. They’ll feel good, you’ll feel good. It’s a win-win.

Business hugs?

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When I first saw this video I was touched on a personal level, but then I got to thinking. What works personally usually works professionally so why couldn’t it apply here, too?
So here is my invitation…Take 3 minutes and 2 seconds to watch this video and think about all the ways you can apply this guy’s ingenious philosophy to your business and professional career.
Now I am not talking about literal HUGS here (although if that’s what floats your boat, don’t let me stop ya). What I am referring to is something that might be equivalent to a hug. An unexpected gesture or a random act of kindness that you might offer a colleague or client. Hmmmm. Get those thinking caps on and you might be surprised with what you come up with! And if you come up with nothing then at least you took a few minutes to feel good today. You sooo deserve it!

(Click the play button in the middle of the screen once to activate and once again to start video and turn on your speakers!)

Giving gives back

Posted December 27, 2006 by jenniferpowers
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So, I bought and gave many gifts this year to a variety of people and I was also the recipient of many gifts…Through it all something really stood out for me. I liked giving the presents much more than receiving them! And that is saying a lot because I REALLY love to receive presents!
I noticed that the act of giving was a gift in itself and it fed my soul all December long. (So it only took me 35 years to discover this about myself but it feels good.) Giving to others for me is the most direct path to self fulfillment. And it makes sense. In my business I am always looking for ways to be in service to my clients and peers. I wish them success in all they do and if I can facilitate them along their journey by giving them resources, contacts, information, advice or an open ear, then that is what I do. And it feels so right on.

So that begs the question… Why stop giving once the holiday season passes? Why not give all year long?

What are your biggest, prettiest and most valuable gifts you can offer to others? List them and be ready to give them away. Remember the world needs you and all of your greatness…so share it freely.

 Food for thought.
Comments welcome.

A must read!

Posted December 6, 2006 by jenniferpowers
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If you are a business person looking to make a difference in your professional life….walk don’t run to the bookstore and pick up a copy of LOVE IS THE KILLER APP by Tim Sanders. It is a refreshing, innovative approach to doing business the “likeable way” and if you are like me and believe that nice guys finish first then you will love this book!

This was referred to me by the wonderful Julie Toombs, an amazing and passionate Loan Consultant for CountryWide who really knows what it takes to satisfy a customer and therefore, grow her business the right way! Drop her a line if you need a loan or refinance so you can experience all she has to offer…(503) 316-6128 or Julie_Toombs@Countrywide.Com

Believing in you,
Jennifer Powers