Got Goat?

For those of you who are looking for that special, yet affordable, holiday gift that keeps on giving…Look no further.

The amazing Itafari Foundation, founded by Vicky Trobash has you covered.

This is truly my favorite gift to give and it will be yours too.

First a bit about Itafari


“More than a decade after the Rwandan genocide claimed nearly 1 million innocent men, women and children, the country continues to struggle against crushing poverty, starvation, disease, and an overall lack of justice. People of conscience throughout the world have begun to realize that this wasn’t solely Africa’s problem, and that any human rights violation impacts us all. And from that place of consciousness and compassion, the Itafari Foundation was born.itafari_logo


A 501(c)(3) organization founded in August 2005, the Itafari Foundation’s vision is that every Rwandan will have the opportunity to dream of a better life, and the power to make it a reality. One day, every Rwandan will thrive as valued, life-long members of the world community.”


And YOU can play a role in this by purchasing a nanny goat in the name of a friend or loved one for a mere $25! The goat will be given to cooperatives of Child Headed Households to be cross bred. birth kids, provide fertilizer that can be sold and used to grow grass, and eventually be sold for meat and give children a chance to care for themselves, start their own businesses and become empowered.


Are you KIDDING me? (pun intended)

What a way to give. I see this as a triple way WIN!


Itafari will send you out a beautiful full color certificate bearing the name of the gift recipient that they will just go GAGA for.

A great gift for young children who deserve to learn early on the power of giving back.


Wait no longer. It’s easy and it feels so good.

Click here to GET A GOAT…or ten.

Thank you and happy giving.

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