Let them eat chocolate!

About 6 months ago I was at an NSA (National Speakers Association) Convention in San Francisco. Great event. Lots of buzz and energy. Great exhibitors with different ways of luring in prospects. (stress balls, pens, bottle openers and if you are lucky, the coveted coffee thermos mug)
Luckily those things don’t interest me as much as the one thing that I usually crave around 3pm every day. Chocolate.
And OH! did I have a craving for it on the first day of the convention! Some of the exhibitors had chocolate treats at their booths, but I am so NOT the type of person to just do a “hit and run” without giving them a chance to tell me about their goods. So to avoid that,  I went down to the reception desk and asked if they had ANYTHING that closely resembled chocolate. To my dismay, they did not.
By this point (and you chocolate lovers can relate) if I didn’t get some sugar and cocoa in my system fast, I felt I might have imploded.
So, I did what I felt was fair and necessary for survival. I found the first booth that was both appealing and well stocked with chocolate.

I assertively approached the tall, gentle man that was there and told him, “I will listen to anything you have to tell me about your services if I can just have a Hershey’s kiss.”

He agreed. Whew.
I snarfed 3 down as fast as I could and then gave him all the time he needed.
His name was
Kent Gustavson and he is a gift. No not because he gave me a fix when I needed it most. But because he is, to this day, one of my favorite people.

From the moment we made the “exchange” I realized that the Universe was grinning at me because Kent happened to be exactly what I needed at exactly when I needed it most. He is a very talented ghost writer/manuscript developer and a MASTER of audio production. Did I mention he has a PhD in Classical music and an incredible musician? (click on the picture of him above to sample his latest CD. My personal fave is Valley Girl)
He is also the president and founder of Blooming Twig Books and offers services of the highest quality. And on top of all that, he is kind and generous with his time and wisdom. I have worked with him to produce audio products (coming soon) and his consulting is worth gold. I can not speak highly enough. I so dig this guy and I feel blessed to have crossed his chocolate laden path.

So, the message? Never underestimate the power of a chance encounter. The powers-that-be work in very strange ways…
I knew my passion for the dark creamy stuff would someday pay off. And how very sweet it is!

To learn more about Kent and his awesome services go to www.bloomingtwigbooks.com



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