Stop and listen

Here’s what I know…Sometimes we get misdirected. Misguided.

We don’t mean to do it. We are just doing what we were taught. Follow the path that makes the most sense or the old “Do what you love” and as a result we find ourselves in a profession, niche, organization that makes sense on the outside but feels incongruent on the inside.
We know in our hearts that that there is more we can offer the world. We know we can do more with what we have… and we can, if we just stop and listen. 

I stopped. This year I stopped driving and started observing (like a passenger) to what was going on around me. Who and what was showing up in my life. Who I resonated with and who I didn’t. What messages I delivered and how they landed. What the world needed that I could deliver without even trying.
And guess what? It was substantially different than what I thought they needed.I was offering the world (read clients) what I THOUGHT they needed and serving the people that made the most sense in a way that I was taught to serve them. And it turns out that I was a bit off target. Not because it wasn’t any good, but because they saw in me something more. Something more than I saw in myself.

When I stopped to listen. When I stopped to observe what people saw in me and listened to what they “get” from me-just by being me- I was able to re-aim and get closer to my target (read purpose).
Crazy, huh?
We can’t ignore the messages, signals, hints, comments and compliments that friends, family, clients, employers, partners send us. The world delivers to us the answer that we are always searching for. We just have to stop driving (even for a moment) and observe, listen, learn and allow.

That is what I know.

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3 Comments on “Stop and listen”

  1. Jennifer,
    Congrats on stopping to listen. That little whisper is sometimes the hardest thing to ignore. 🙂 All the best!

  2. Cindy Says:


    I love your blog! I particularly enjoyed this post – I tend to be a “driver” and can struggle with
    the Art of Allowing! Thank you I needed this today!

    Warm regards,

  3. Bob Renggli Says:

    Hugs for the gifts of humility, respect and energy that just connected in me from you after reading your blog: STOP & LISTEN.
    The humility you showed by acknowledging and allowing a shift from driver to passenger on the powerful highway of life. As a driver I get so caught up in my destination I sometimes “space-out” on the journey and miss a million opportunities along the way. I think we need both: yes target and achieve goals but by being more receptive and alert on the pathway we can reach the destination more fully alive and enriched.
    The respect I hear oozing from you, Jennifer, is in the listening. No greater gift can we impart to a fellow traveler but to be fully present. Presence is so powerful, like this very moment I can be enormously enriched by my son’s breath taking vision of the Grand Canyon as he flies about, if I but pause and respectfully listen and connect with “his vision”.
    And finally energy bursts. I hear the ontological brakes of your very being halt the crass rushing and thrashing about in exhauting weariness…so much of which is very necessary for practical jobs and livelihood…but we can thrive in that very frenetic activity, if we but filter out and suck in the pure oxygen of insight, truth, beauty, peace and goodness all around us: “if” we but stop and listen but for an explosive instant. What a blessed balance as we blast off renewed toward our next goal…be it work or play.


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