Speaking of Hugs

Speaking of social hugs, (which we weren’t) I have been experimenting with my social hello and good-bye hugs lately and here is what I have come up with.

1-People love to hear the words “Give me a hug!”
2-The hug has more impact if you are not the one who ends the hug
3-Hugging is hugely under-rated and we need to get over it and hug more

So what I have been doing lately to contribute is when a business associate or client that I just had lunch and a personal conversation with puts out her hand to shake, I open my arms to hug:) So far I haven’t gotten any weird looks. The contrary, a few people told me they really needed that! People DO need that!

I know, that is so very unbusiness-like, and you are probably thinking that I can get away with that being a coach and all (and you’re probably right) but who cares! Heck, people in Italy hug all the time for lesser reasons and all over the Mediterranean they are not only hugging, but kissing TWICE! If they can do it we can, too.
So, go at it! Hug your face off! Your recipients will be so glad you did.

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5 Comments on “Speaking of Hugs”

  1. timfahndrich Says:

    Love it Jennifer! Who can’t benefit from a hug? People will appreciate how you make them feel … and a hug speaks volumes. It makes them feel special and appreciated. And the byproduct is that you feel great too. Keep up the great work.

    Tim Fahndrich

  2. Larry Dean Black Says:

    I have been with my company for over 7 years and I just a accepted a new position
    with another company. When I have told my present clients, I have received hugs
    from all of them, men and women. Apparently I have made an impression on them
    over the years where they feel totality comfortable with giving me hugs.
    I love the work I do and people tell me it shows. More hugs all around.

  3. What I love the most is that the only two comments to this post came from men. This gives me such a good feeling.
    Thanks for sharing, Tim and Larry! Keep hugging:)

  4. Robert Mosqueda Says:

    Hugging is a great affirmation of life. Both people feel better than they did before the hug. I have a “A HUG A DAY” card given to me by a client a long time ago. It is a bit ragged but I still carry it around.

  5. Gaylie W. Says:

    OK – I know am a few months late with my comment – However, on my 2nd visit with my mentor coach, she opened the door and gave me a hug. I was very surprised; not in an offended or weird way – more so that I grew up in Acapulco, Mexico and there it is very common for business associates to hug and express themselves physically. My best friend Shalie and I would walk down the beach hand – in – hand until we were 12 or so. I was more surprised it happened here in Charlotte, NC. All of that to say…It was a pleasant and welcomed surprise. NEVER STOP HUGGING 🙂

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